BYD Launches New Electric Car at GIIAS 2024 Despite Delivery Delays

BYD Launches New Electric Car at GIIAS 2024 Despite Delivery Delays

Despite not yet having delivered its first electric car in Indonesia, BYD is once again showing its optimism by launching a new electric car at the Gaikindo International Auto Show (GIIAS) 2024. This signifies BYD's commitment to continue expanding its reach in the Indonesian automotive market, which is increasingly fond of environmentally friendly vehicles.

A Glimpse at BYD's EV Products Expected to Rival Astra (ASII)

The presence of BYD's electric cars at GIIAS 2024 certainly attracted the attention of many visitors, including automotive enthusiasts and potential buyers. BYD is reportedly going to launch several new models, one of which is the Tang SUV, which is predicted to be a strong competitor for the Honda CR-V and Toyota RAV4.

In addition, BYD is also predicted to present the Han MPV, which has a futuristic design and a spacious cabin. This car is expected to be an attractive alternative to the Toyota Innova and Mitsubishi Xpander in the family MPV segment.

Bahlil Signs Import Permit for BYD, Only 20% of Promised Production Capacity

Investment Minister/BKPM Head Bahlil Lahadalia revealed that his office has just signed an import permit for completely built-up (CBU) electric cars for BYD electric cars. However, the number approved is only 20% of the production capacity promised by BYD in Indonesia. This is done to maintain the balance of the national automotive industry and give opportunities for the local component industry to develop.

BAIC Ready to Debut at GIIAS 2024, Increasing Number of Chinese Car Brands

In addition to BYD, GIIAS 2024 will also witness the appearance of another Chinese car brand, namely BAIC. BAIC will present several SUV and MPV models that are claimed to have competitive prices and sophisticated features. The presence of BAIC is further heating up competition in the Indonesian automotive market, especially in the increasingly popular electric car segment.

Hopefully the product will be suitable for Indonesia

Despite still having many questions related to shipping and spare parts availability, public enthusiasm for BYD electric cars is quite high. This can be seen from the waiting list that reaches almost 6,000 units for BYD cars. It is hoped that with the launch of new products at GIIAS 2024, BYD will be able to immediately meet market demand and make a positive contribution to the Indonesian automotive industry.

BYD's presence at GIIAS 2024 shows the company's commitment to continue innovating and bringing quality products to Indonesian consumers. Although there are still some obstacles that need to be overcome, such as shipping and spare parts availability, BYD is optimistic that it can achieve success in the ever-growing Indonesian automotive market.